Our Data Management Solutions

Data Management

From CRM, marketing analytics and forecasting through IT documentation, manufacturing, supply chain and executive dashboard reporting, your business has a vast amount of information. The internal user, the field sales rep, the executive and the customer needs to access the right data rapidly and securely. At GDM, we create solutions to improve business intelligence and decision making by knowing what data you have, where the data is located and storing the data securely.

Business Workflow

As your strategic IT business partner, we work directly with all critical business units to analyze their needs and improve workflow. Our solutions are designed to optimize processes in every area of your business by managing and accessing your data more rapidly. Utilizing various technologies to operate across platforms and interfaces, we develop data solutions throughout the organization to increase workflow, efficiency, decision making and compliance.


We are as much concerned about your brand integrity, risk management and information access controls as you are. Our solutions are designed and integrated to drive organizational effectiveness, data accuracy/accessibility, as well as improve decision making and business continuity. We create a security blanket database solution for your critical business data no matter what your future business entails. We help our clients not only protect your sensitive data, but also your sensitive code. We can identify vulnerability and risk from inefficient coding techniques and create new solutions requiring limited skill to operate, maintain and change.

DashBoard Reporting

Our solutions are designed, developed and integrated and interfaced based on your specific requirements and needs. We develop customized, secure reporting and business intelligence software, web applications and data analytics solutions across all business units and all platforms. Whether your executives, field sales team, customers or vendor partners need data, our solutions are designed for users to be able to locate the right data without compromising your brand, IP or security.

Multichannel Management

When managing multiple locations, regions, sales partners and dealer networks, the control of your brand and message becomes more difficult. At GDM, we can develop web-based solutions allowing your corporate office to control your brand and message, while supporting the success of remote offices and indirect channel partners. In addition, our solutions can incorporate CRM, marketing analytics, inventory, financial and vendor data to more effectively manage all sales channels.